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Individual GIS Industry Solutions. 
Profound knowledge of GIS technology and data processing as well as integration of industry specific geo-information solutions are successfully transferred into practice by our experienced consultants. The understanding of industry-specific demands and of underlying business operations is an essential criterion for the success in the concept of integrated application.


  • Radio network planning and optimisation
  • Radio network planning and documentation (FTTH, inventory, provisioning)
  • Malfunction management
  • network information(supply card, customer care)

Supply and Waste Disposal, Energy and Commodity

  • Inventory management systems
  • Network planning
  • Network information systems
  • Potential planning for renewable energies
  • (mobile) Service and maintenance

Finance (Insurance, Bank, Real Estate)

  • Risk management
  • Claims management
  • Sales optimisation

Civil Service

  • Infrastructures for spatial information (INSPIRE)
  • Property administration (AAA-Implementation)
  • Geo data portal
  • Citizen information systems
  • E-government solution for geobase data, measurement and land registry
  • Smart city platforms