ALKIS Optimisation

Project description:

With the introduction of the project ALKIS into the Surveying Authority of the State Brandenburg a close integration was formed between cadastral authorities and the land-surveying and geoinformation Brandenburg (Landesvermessung und Geobasisinformation Brandenburg – LGB), the Ministry of Interior Brandenburg (Ministerium des Innern und Kommunales Brandenburg – MIK), the software supplier and the LGB as well as individual organizational units within the LGB.
The main goals of the project are the coordination of different measures and the involvement of all stakeholders (technical position ALKIS, ALKIS-advisory board, IT-support, budget, customer service) who should get engaged in the implementation of the daily tasks.
Within a very short time 300 subtasks were determined and documented in a project manual. These 300 tasks have to be synchronised and coordinated. For those tasks that are still to be done like future adjustments to GeoInfoDok 7.0 and the introduction of a continuing concept through the surveying authorities a necessary conceptual, organisational and technical preparation has to be carried out.
In the project duration the ALKIS entry component and the ALKIS data management component could be developed in a way that the number of program crashes tend to practically zero. Due to the optimisation of the interaction between data management component and database it was possible to get back to daytime processing.


Landesvermessung und Geobasisinformation Brandenburg (LGB)




Project management, service provider, communication concept

  • Team management and team leader
  • Responsibility for project execution (Schedule, Coordination, Quality)
  • Coordination of requirements and project content with the MIK,  the LGB and the cadastral authorities as well as the LGB and the software supplier 
  • Operative project management
  • Project-Controlling
Technologies / Methods:
  • MS – Project

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