Project description:

SNH Hamburg GmbH is operating company and owner of the electricity distribution network in Hamburg. Key challenge is to achieve an economical and efficient operation of the power grid while ensuring a high quality of supply.

A full and up to date documentation of the grid-based power system in high data quality is a necessary requirement. The aim of the project, therefore, is to develop a recommendation for a future-proven integrated network information system (NIS). For this purpose a target concept for a future NIS-System and the migration of existing CAD-circuit- diagrams will be developed.

The target concept includes the analysis and the documentation of the use cases and the requirements on integrated NIS. In doing so the core business processes like planning and construction, the documentation of the medium and low voltage network and the external information office for construction will be more closely looked at. The central challenge lies in the conception of an ideal process for the continuation of the network documentation and the development of a migration concept for the transfer of the CAD based as-built plans into an integrated target data model of the future NIS solution. Feasibility, framework and risks are analysed within the scope of pilot projects for data migration and potential NIS solution.

TK Geoinformatik supports the project with professional and technical expertise in standard GIS/NIS solutions and with an independent selection of the participants for the pilot project. A further task is the methodical support in the analysis of business processes and requirements.


Stromnetz Hamburg


Energy supply (distribution system operator)

Role Consultant:
  • Business analyst, solution architect,
  • Expert GIS/NIS-solutions
Tasks Consultant:
  • Analysing and modelling of business processes
  • Requirements analysis and requirements management
  • Support in developing the solution and migration concept
  • Coordinating the selection of service provider for the pilot of data migration and NIS solutions
  • Planning, organising and evaluating of reverence visits
  • Evaluation of migration concepts for integration of CAD circuit diagrams and NIS data
Technologies / Methods:
  • Analysing and modelling of business processes for planning processes, documentation processes and information processes
  • Use-Case modelling
  • Requirements analysis and requirements management
  • Architect design according to TOGAF (Business and application architecture)
  • Tender evaluation and utility analysis